Sunday, February 26, 2012

Health and Nutrition

Health and nutrition is related with each other. Proper nutrition is must needed for good health. Nutrition helps to build our body and prevent diseases. Proper nutrition creates strong immune system for our body. Nutrition is needed for the nourishment of our body. Food gives us nutrition. But we have to select nutritious foods which are rich in food value but give us low fat. Less oily food is good for health. We have to eat balance food every day.

Proper nutrition is need from the first day when we born. Different food gives us different nutrition. Vegetable, bread, fish and meat gives us nutrition. We have to eat those food in a balance way. We have to eat nutritious food daily. Nutritious food gives us strength to work hard. It develops our brain. We need vitamins for good health. Vegetables give us vitamins. We can eat green and leafy vegetable as much we want. Vitamin is a part of nutrition.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Health Care

Health care problem is one of the largest problem in human life. Health is wealth. A healthy but poor man is happier than a rich man. Academic education develops the faculties of the human mind but physical exercise strengthens all parts of the human body. Physical education gives proper information about the rules and regulations of physical exercise. A man must know how, when and where he should take physical exercise. If he does not have proper information about physical exercise he may face many difficulties. Physical education helps people to attain good health and remain healthy up to the last day of his life. Physical education is essential for every person.

With physical education human body also need balance diet. Keep body healthy. We should take proper meal in proper time. Proper meal means non fatty food with vegetables. We should also take fruits with proper food value and nutrition. We should avoid food which we are allergic to. We also need to avoid oily and greasy food. We should also try to avoid deep fried dishes and junk foods.

To become healthy we should be aware our personal hygiene. We should wash our self properly. We should avoid dust and smoke to keep our respiratory system healthy.