Sunday, February 26, 2012

Health and Nutrition

Health and nutrition is related with each other. Proper nutrition is must needed for good health. Nutrition helps to build our body and prevent diseases. Proper nutrition creates strong immune system for our body. Nutrition is needed for the nourishment of our body. Food gives us nutrition. But we have to select nutritious foods which are rich in food value but give us low fat. Less oily food is good for health. We have to eat balance food every day.

Proper nutrition is need from the first day when we born. Different food gives us different nutrition. Vegetable, bread, fish and meat gives us nutrition. We have to eat those food in a balance way. We have to eat nutritious food daily. Nutritious food gives us strength to work hard. It develops our brain. We need vitamins for good health. Vegetables give us vitamins. We can eat green and leafy vegetable as much we want. Vitamin is a part of nutrition.

For our good health we need protein. Protein helps to build our body and present decay. We have to eat protein every day. Balance protein is necessary for health. There are two kinds of protein vegetable protein and animal protein. Our body need sufficient amount of protein. Our body needs protein every day.

Carbohydrate and mineral salts are also parts of nutrition, which gives us energy o work and builds our body parts strong. Iron helps to create blood.

Protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, fats and minerals are parts of nutrition. Less fat and balance nutrition is essential for health and nutrition. It helps us to be healthy.

We need different nutrition in different age. Children’s nutrition is different than the adults. Right choice of nutrition means a sound health. Health and nutrition is closely related to each other. It you want to be healthy you have to eat balanced food to get nutrition. So be healthy.

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