Sunday, December 2, 2012


We all want ourselves and our loved ones to have the best life possible. However some factor of life can be controlled and some other cannot. One of the easiest way to improve our family’s life and health are by providing healthy nutrition and exercise. A healthy lifestyle includes a variety of factors including eating certain foods, avoiding or limiting others, and getting plenty of exercise. If we give our family healthy choices and teach them the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and lose weight, we can ensure a better future for all of us.

Eating the proper amount or the right foods is the first step to healthy nutrition for our family. Eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetable with our meals and snacks is a great step towards health. These foods provide necessary food nutrients such as protein, carbohydrate, fat, minerals, vitamin and water. These nutrients keep our bodies functioning properly and prevent many diseases. Whole grains provide fiber to keep systems running smoothly and aid in digestion. Calcium rich foods, such as low fat milk and cheese, build strong and healthy bones and teeth. Lean meats, poultry, and fish are good choices for muscle building protein to help in growth and healing. Fruit and vegetables can provide us necessary vitamins and minerals for our body. Eating a wide variety of these healthy, natural
foods can make the whole family feel and look better.

Limiting and avoiding some foods can help improve our family’s search for healthy nutrition. Avoid food that contain excessive amount of sugar because these kind of can create problems including obesity, tooth decay and can increase the risk of diabetes. Foods that are high in fat or deeply fried raises cholesterol level and add extra weight and can increase the risk of stroke and heart problem. High salt intake also can increase the risk of heart problem. So try to avoid or be careful while eating these kinds of foods

Giving our family lots of opportunity to exercise along with a diet rich in healthy nutrition options is a perfect finishing step to improving our lifestyle. We can take walks together after dinner, to make exercise a family affair. We can limit time spent watching TV and playing video games and can get everyone outside for some fun, physical activity. We can sign the kids up for sports programs and join the gym. Anyone can find some type of physical activity that he or she will enjoy.

Combining a well balanced diet, avoiding dangerous foods, and getting lots of exercise are some of the biggest keys to healthy nutrition and a better life for your family. We can work together to find fun food options that everyone enjoys.

Don’t be afraid to try new things within your diet and you may find healthy alternatives to some of the less than great choices you have made in the past. Get everyone more active and physical with a wide range of outdoor activities as a family. Both your health and family bond will strengthen immensely. Working together to get healthy as a family can benefit everyone both physically and emotionally, creating stronger relationships. Always remember, a healthy family is a happier family.

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