Wednesday, July 18, 2012

About drinks

 Everybody should know about drinks. You know you should drink water (the standard recommendation is eight 8-ounce glasses a day, and more as needed after exertion and in hot or dry weather), but did you also know that drinking water can help you lose fat? It may have no calories, but having water between meals helps keep your stomach full.
 We have built-in sensors in our stomachs, so we get fuller sooner with liquid, which is also why soup is more filling than solid foods. So add a slice of lemon with some ice to your water for a pleasant variety once in a while. There is some evidence, also, that when some people’s bodies are craving water, it is read by their brains as a signal for sweets. Talk about crossed wires, right? If you seek that sweet thing in your mouth, choose sugar-free drinks that use Splenda (the safest, best tasting sweetener) as the sweetener agent. Go with natural diet sodas, diet drinks, sugar-free lemonades
(Crystal Light), sugar-free flavored waters, or ice teas. Of course, mineral and sparkling waters are always good. And skim milk is one of the perfect snacks. If you are lactose intolerant, you can go with a lactose free skim milk. Occasionally, you can opt for the commercial diet soda, both of which have no caffeine or artificial coloring.

Any drinks with sugar or lots of calories; any kind of juice is calorie-loaded and to be avoided; all milks (except for skim) have too much fat, most of which is unhealthy fat; except soy milk is often high in fat and full of sugar, so look out; rice milk is all carbohydrates and sugar-laden; soda drinks are loaded with sugar and calories; sports drinks deliver calories you don’t need unless you’re a serious athlete; the multiple-calorie bombs served at java houses in which coffee is almost a minor ingredient; equally high in calories are seemingly-healthy-but-not juice shakes at certain places, which use sweeteners like sherbet (basically sugar) in most of their concoctions. Plus, because all the fiber has been sucked out as well as most of the vitamins and minerals, you lose the two most important parts of fruits with juice and only gain a ton of calories. Staying away from such drinks will account for significant fat loss for some people who are used to having several hundred calories a day in liquid form alone.

Below is a list of standard drinks that many people consume on a weekly basis. If you consume only one of each at some point during the week, you would total 2,630 calories by week’s end; and by year’s end, you’d be at a staggering 136,760 calories. Since 3,600 calories equal 1 pound of body fat, that equates to 38 pounds of extra fat. Scary, eh? That’s why I endorse the sugar free beverage.
Calories about drinks:
Gatorade, 16 ounces = 100 calories

Wine, 5 ounces = 100 calories

Orange juice, 8 ounces = 110 calories

Rice milk, 8 ounces = 120 calories

Beer, 12 ounces = 150 calories

Coca-Cola, 16 ounces = 200 calories

Gin and tonic (2 ounces of gin) = 210 calories

White Chocolate Mocha at Starbucks, 16 ounces = 450 calories

Caribbean Passion at Jamba Juice, 32 ounces = 590 calories

Chocolate ice cream shake at Burger King, 16 ounces = 600 calories.

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