Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lose weight

Lose weight need one persons determination and Commitment to reach the goal. If we are determent enough then it’s easy for anyone who wants to lose weight. Food that contains a lot of water, specially fruits and vegetables are not only great source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants but they also helps to lose extra weight. When you make a plan to lose weight be sure to add vegetables, waters and nutrient rich foods into your menu. Now we are giving you a lot of tips and we are sure that these tips will help you to lose weight .

Vitamin D deficiency: It is believed that individuals, who are vitamin D deficient, take Longest to lose weight. Be sure you are getting enough about 2000mgs daily.

Do your house hold work by your self: You have to do your household work such as Washing dishes, cleaning your house, cleaning loans by your self.

Drinking a lot of water: Drink at least 8 big glasses of water a day, will increase your metabolic rate by about 30%, so keep hydrate.

Get moving: Moving at a brisk place can optimize even the shortest walk, so get moving.

Move restlessly: Tapping your foot, passing and moving restlessly can help you burn up to 350 calories a day.

Move around: After eating, your metabolism goes up approximately 10%, so after eating get up and move around.

Working place: Get up from your desk every 30 minutes & walk down the hall.

Walk a mile: Generally, one mile walking or running burns 100 calories, so take trips around the local track. Walk about 2000 steps equal one mile. So fell free. Walk, jug or run which ever exercise you choose will help you to lose weight.

Ice cold water: Drink your water ice cold. You will burn extra calories.

Oxygen bath: Take an oxygen bath, breath deeply & burn few extra calories.

Have a dance party: Turn up the radio & take 20, minutes to have a private dance Party. You will burn extra calories & get your heart pumping.

Join a smaller plate movement: Serve your meal in a smaller plate. It will prevent you to eat more & give you the satisfaction to eat a full plate.

Riding a bike: Take a long trip with bicycle, It is one of the best ways lose weight.

Eat chicken without skin: On a piece of chicken 30% of chicken skin is fat. A small piece of chicken contains 13 calories half a gram of fat and 2 grams of protein. By removing the skin from the chicken you can save up to 100 calories per normal piece.

 Avoid coffee creams: All creams contain 1-2 grams of fat, so stop taking creams or milk with your coffee.

Choose actual fruits over fruit juice: Skin and pulp of the fruits increase metabolism of the body and help lose weight. So chose actual fresh fruits.

Use salads as appetizers: Salads has almost no fat. So eat as much as you can. It will also give you essential vitamins and minerals.

Fiber is your weight lose friend: Fiber can keep you full for longer time, second it cleans your inside and it can boost your metabolism which means faster weight loss.

Hot and spicy food increase your metabolism: It is a proven fact that hot and spicy foods can increase your metabolism. This is because they accelerate the thermal rate thus giving a boost to the fat burning process.

Protein is vital for healthy body: Protein grows our muscles and keep our stomach full for the longest periods of time.

Do not use cooking oils or butter for fried foods: Make sure that you use a cooking spray for the pan instead of table spoons of butter on oil. This simple change can save you up to 100 calories per normal serving.

Follow a balance diet: A balanced diet does not completely exclude any food type from your meals but promotes the consumption of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and fats. These are essential for a healthy body. The proper percentage is 35% protein, 45% carbohydrates and 20% fats.

Throw away junk food: Instead of being tempted, you better save your self from the trouble and remove any junk food, sweets full of fat foods and drink from your kitchen and fridge. Replace those with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Food advertisements: Before buying any thing that you saw in TV, make sure that you cheek the food label for the number of calories and fat percentage.

The mirror is your guide: Try to eat in front of a mirror so that you see yourself eating. Looking yourself eating will remind you of your targets and this psychological reaction will make you eat less. It is a proven method.

Weigh and measure your body once a week: you only need to weigh once per week and keep the results in your weights loss note book. Once a month monitor your progress and take corrective actions.

Actually lose weight is a mind game. You have to play this game by the rules. You have to commit 100% to yourself and never break this commitment. Make a plan how much weight you want to lose. Be brave and take necessary steps. Be happy, healthy and slim.

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  1. I really enjoyed all of your little suggestions for burning more calories. The idea of course is to burn more calories than you take in. If weight continues to add on or simply stays put, then adjustments and changes must be made in a person's day-to-day life. Simple things like taking the stairs, parking farther away, taking a nice walk, and decreasing portions of food can make a big difference. In regards to food, a lot of people love their chips (including me), and a big problem comes from eating directly out of the big bag. We may think that we did not consume too much of the snack, but it is almost a guarantee that we ate more than we thought. Therefore, by taking a portion out of the bag and putting the rest away ensures that an appropriate amount is eaten. Moving around, like you said, is crucial. Just get up and move. With a combination of eating right and increasing physical activity, one can feel more energetic and willing to accomplish more in that 24-hour period we are given each day.