Friday, June 15, 2012

Food label

Buying is a part of life and food label is an essential part of a product. We buy from road side, from small market or supermarket. We buy food, medicine, household items, cars, dresses and everything to make our day to day life comfortable. We buy for us, our children, our relatives and friends.  In the buying process food items take a significant and mast important place in our life. Food gives us not only energy to work but also pleasure and satisfaction.

For the health conscious people buying healthy food is very important because all kind of food can give us test and satisfaction but not good health. We can’t buy healthy, fit and happy life. We have to earn it. Earning healthy and happier life is not so difficult. If we follow some simple rules while buying our food item then it will become very simple for everyone. 

When you buy packaged goods, don’t just glance at the commercial side of the package that tells you how great their product is. Flip it over and take a close look at of the nutritional label. In particular, look for these things of the food label.
Serving size: Many manufacturers choose absurdly small serving sizes to make the calorie, fat and carbohydrate counts seem little. First estimate fat and carbohydrate grams at a real serving of this
food, using the proportion of each of their “serving size”.

Calories: Next look at the calories in a “real serving”. If it’s a frozen entree, then it shouldn’t go above 350 calories; if it’s a snack, 150 calories is about right.

Carbohydrate/ Protein / Fat: Rather than looking at each one individually, look at them collectively. Aim for a “macro nutrient” combination, so you get a balanced blend of the three; go a little higher in carbohydrate and moderate in protein and fat. Avoid the all-carbohydrate packages; you must have protein and small amount of fat in there to create satiety.

Sugar/ Fiber/ Saturated fat: Under the carbohydrates listed, check to see how much sugar is in the product; if it goes over 10 grams, then that’s too much (many “healthy” energy bars have more than 15 grams of sugar). Also listed under carbohydrates is the fiber content; try to get some fiber in all packaged goods that you purchase. Under fat, note how much saturated fat it has; aim for little to none.

High-fructose corn syrup/ Hydrogenated oils: If either of these two are on the list of ingredients, put it right back on the shelf.

Nicotine: Avoid all kind of nicotine product. If you are a smoker give it up as soon as possible. This will improve your lungs performance and give you a new life.

You see, it's very important to look at the food label. So choose wisely and lead a happier and healthy life.

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