Sunday, June 10, 2012

Healthy eating

When we become hungry we aim for healthy eating. Food gives us energy to work. We cannot live without food. But unhealthy eating habit can also make us sick, unhappy. It is important for all person to know the way of eating healthy. There are some important rules while we eat our food. Most of us know about these rules. But we ignore those rules. Healthy eating rules can help everyone to digest their food and can help get maximum nutrition from the food we eat.

Our healthy eating rules are as follows:-

(1) Wash hands before eating any food.

(2) Eat slowly and chew well.

(3) Eat in proper time. Untimely eating habit makes difficult for the stomach to digest food properly.

(4) Eat in a cordial environment. Enjoy while you eat your food.

(5) Drink a lot of water between two meal. Drink water as much as you can. It will improve your immune system naturally.

(6) Use simple way to cook food. If you love your life eat food those are cooked in simple way.

(7) Avoid sugar, use natural sweetner.

(8) While cooking make sure that the food value don’t get destroyed.

(9) Eat natural food such as whole grain, fruit, nuts and a lot of vegetables.

(10) Make sure that the foods are fresh and organic.

(11) Avoid full plate eating habit.

(12) Stop eating while you are still not full.

(13) Try to avoid red meat, alcohol and energy drinks.

(14) Fruits are your friend, so eat as much fruit as you can.

(15) Eat liter fool at dinner.

(16) Avoid junk food as much as possible.

(17) Fishes are full of harmless protein. So eat as much fish as possible.

(18) Avoid foods that contain artificial colour, flavor and comical preservative.

(19) Eat salad as much as possible but avoid artificial salad dressing.

(20) Be sure that the expiry date of the ready food does not expired.

(21) Try to take a little rest after eating your main course.

You see these rules of healthy eating is very simple to follow, so let's follow these healthy eating rules and make our life more happier and healthier.

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