Monday, June 18, 2012

Fruit and vegetable

With so many people eating on the run, ubiquitous high-protein or high-fat diets, and a preponderance of packaged foods, the mighty fruit and vegetable kingdom have been all but abandoned. This is a trend that I’d like to see you reverse, at least for yourself, if not for others.

Why will you eat fruit and vegetable:
Well, for the normal reasons of good health—fruits and vegetables are chock full of essential minerals, vitamins, fiber, good carbohydrates, and phytochemicals. They also help lower your risk for certain cancers, stroke, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Also, fruits and vegetables will help you lose weight for several reasons.

One: They are accessible: easy to find and buy, and often easy to eat immediately.

Two: They are fibrous and delicious.

Three: They are lowglycemic.

Four: They’re water-based, so they take up a lot of room in your stomach and thus are filling, yet they are not calorie-dense.

Five: Making fruits and vegetables a part of your meals and snacks means that you’re automatically cutting out less-nutritious foods: you don’t see too many people having a papaya with a candy bar as a snack or some grapes and a piece of cherry pie after dinner. That candy bar and cherry pie suddenly aren’t necessary when you get your taste buds to notice that there’s nothing better than fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Six: Fruits and vegetables are almost fat and cholesterol free. So everyone and people of all ages can eat those as much as they want.

Seven: These safe food items can make your skin glow, give you back the shape of your body always you wanted, so take them seriously and eat them.

Eight: If you are on diet don’t worry and don’t think twice eat fresh, raw or cooked, eat as much as you want, you will never loose your gorgeous shape.

Nine: There are hundreds of varieties, so don’t confine yourself to apples or oranges, or broccoli and lettuce. Constantly try new fruits and vegetables, and get into the habit of asking the produce person about what’s fresh. Aim to get one to two servings of each per day.

So eat fresh fruit and vegetable and be healthy and handsome looking.

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