Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Food For Students

Food for students is very important. Most of the time students spend their time in school on colleges. They often eat in their school on college cafeteria. Most of them like to eat junk food and it is not so healthy for them. So a healthy diet plan for them is very important. Healthy eating means choosing food from all food groups. It includes carbohydrate, protein, harmless fat, vitamins and mineral and fluids. Some people think that healthy diet plan means, eating food that is test less. But foods can be testy and healthy at the same time if you prepare them and serve them by using your imagination and experience.
When you make a plan for healthy eating, you have to choose grilled or baked foods over fried ones. Have plenty of water and fresh fruit juice instead of bottled drinks. Replace refined flower based products with whole grain ones. Have fresh fruit instead of desserts and make it a point to include Soya products in your diet. Salads and fresh fruits and juice can be the right choice for students as they are filling while checking weight-gain. Diet plan provides glowing skin and body which is coveted by very students. Students should include foods from the following 5 food groups when they make a plan for food for students.

Yoghurt, skim milk, cheese, pudding.
Pasta, bread, rice.
Olive oil, nuts, seeds.

Fruits & vegetables
3 – 5 servings of seasonal fruits & fresh vegetables, salads.
Legumes, Soya, fish, red meat, eggs.

Now we are giving you a table which will help you to choose best nutrient and delicious food for your meal times.

Instead of
Try this
Fried foods
Grilled or baked foods
White bread or white rice
Whole grains, such as whole wheat bread and brown rice.
Whole milk
Low-fat milk or Soya milk.
French fries
Baked potato or sweet potato.
Sweetened drink
Water or fresh fruit juice or seltzer.
Sweetened desserts such as cookies, cakes or ice-cream.
Fresh fruits.

Tips on food for students-
Have at least 3 meals a day: Never skip breakfast and try to have other 2 meals at regular hours.

Have balanced meal:When you choose food for student include foods from all three major food groups at all meals. Make sure to avoid food containing excess fat and starches. Include 2-3 helpings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day.
Drink plenty of water: 8-10 glasses of water are must to keep the body hydrated and all systems functioning well.

Eat small portions: When eating at the cafeteria it is common to serve large portions on the plate. This is often the prime cause for weight gain. While eating out, serve yourself with small portions and refill your plate when required.

Keep distance from junk food: Pizza and French fries are college students’ favorite. While it is all right for occasionally indulge in these junk foods. Avoid eating junk food everyday.

Include dairy products: Milk, cheese, yoghurt and curds must be eaten on a daily basis it is a good food for students. Ice-cream is a dairy based product but its high fat content makes it unsuitable to be a daily indulgence.

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