Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Exercise For Women

Physical Exercise For Women is very important. There are 1440 minutes in every day, schedule 30 minutes of them for physical activity. Regular exercise is a critical part or staying healthy.
People who are active live longer and feel better. Exercise can help you maintain healthy weight. It can delay or prevent diabetes, some cancers and heart problems. Most adults need at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity at least five days of per week. Example includes, walking briskly, mowing the lawn, dancing, swimming for recreation or bicycling. Stretching and weight training can also strengthen your body and improve your fitness level. The key is to find the right exercise for you. It is fun; you are more likely to stay motivated. You may want to walk with a friend, join a class or plan a group bike ride. If you’ve been inactive for a while, use a sensible approach and start out slowly.

Regular physical Exercise For Women can improve health in the following ways
  • Reduces the risk of dying prematurely.
  • Reduces the risk from heart disease.
  • Reduces the risk of developing diabetes.
  • Reduces the rise of developing colon cancer.
  • Reduces feelings of depression and anxiety.
  • Helps to build and maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints.
  • Helps older adults become stronger and better able to move without falling.
  • Promotes psychological well-being.
  • Helps to control weight and reduce body fat.
  • Prevent or delays the development of high blood pressure and helps reduce blood pressure in adolescents and adults with hypertension.
  • Helps release stress.

It is recommended that you take your talk to your doctor before starting an exercise program. This is especially important if you have not been physically active for a long time, if you have health problems or if you are pregnant or elderly.
  • Sneak exercise into your day by
  • Taking the stairs instead of the elevator or lift.
  • Going for a walk during office break or lunch time.
  • Walk all or part of the way to work or back from work.
  • Park your car to the farthest parking lot.
  • Doing house work at a first pace.
  • Raking leaves or cleaning the yard.
  • Don’t exercise too soon after eating or when it’s too hot or cold outside. Find a time that works best for you and when you feel good.
  • It can take some time before you notice some of the changes or benefits from exercise. So don’t get discouraged.
  • Exercising with someone you care about can make it more fun.
  • Go out with your bicycle and have fun.
  • Swim with your partner or family member.
  • During vacation go out hiking with your family.
  • Take part in any game with your deer ones.
  • Read, listen to your favorite music or watch television while exercising indoor or take a walk through the park or zoo.
So Exercise For Woman is very. It is very important for the woman to exercise to improve both their physical and mental health.

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