Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Diet for kids

A balanced diet for kids should contain all the necessary nutrients required by your child from each and every food source. To maintain a healthy balanced diet for your child, following food components should be added in the diet. It should meet the daily requirements of a child.Following types of food that can be included in the menu of diet for kids.
Fruits and vegetables: Green leafy vegetables, Lettuce, Carrots, salads, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, fruit juice with pulp such as orange, cram berry and lemon. Fruits and vegetables are rich in calcium, vitamins, iron and essential minerals.
Dairy products: Cheese, milk, yogurt and other dairy products is a large source of protein and calcium.

Whole grain foods: Whole grain bread, cereal and pasta increases the calories content of the body because they are rich in essential carbohydrate and vitamin B.

Lean products: Nuts, beans, peas, meat, eggs and fish are rich in protein.
Protein supplies the essential amino acids that your child needs everyday.
Fats: Sugar and sweets are required in small amounts for energy production.

Balance diet chart for kids: This diet for kids chart contain the food required by your child on a daily basis.

Food type
Per serve
Per day, serving form this group
Grain foods
(Bread, pasta, cereal)
Bread- 2 slices
Pasta-  1 cup
Cereal-1 cup
5 – 9 serves per day
one cup each
3 – 4 serves per day
1 piece or juice 1 glass with pulp.
2 – 3 serves per day
Dairy Products
Milk – 250 ml.
Cheese – 30 grams
Yogurt – 250 grams
2 – 4 serves per day
Lean products
(meat, fish, egg)
1 piece
1 – 2 serves per day

Choosing diet for kids is very difficult as they are very sensitive. This chart varies to child to child on, mail or female basis, so adjust these items on the basis of your child’s requirement. Keep your child active and cheerful.

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