Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nutrition for adult

Nutrition for adult is very important but an adult has lesser nutrient need than children as they need nutrition to maintain the body so that normal functions can take place efficiently in the body. A diet plan gives us an idea of how much amount of food is essential for an individual. But it is very much essential that a realistic diet plan is made and it is judiciously important by the individual. An adult (woman) can go through pregnancy and lactation and nutrient take a very important role. An ideal diet plan is made according the weight, height and activity level. Drastic changes in the diet plan can lead to lesser changes of accepting the diet. Variety is the spice of life. A healthier option of diet doesn’t mean less food. Here are some guiding principals to make your eating habits healthier and exiting.

Eat more whole grains: Whole grain is good for the heart and can help you maintain a healthier weight. People who consume diets rich in whole grain have a healthier body weight than those who don’t.

Focus on fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables contribute vitamins, minerals and fiber to diet with fewer calories. Add new fruits and vegetables to your routine and it will give you a new taste and colorful twist.

Add foods with soluble fiber: foods with soluble fiber can help lower your cholesterol everyday. Delicious items like apples, strawberries, peas and rye bread contain soluble fiber that is good for your heart and whole body.

Keep fat and extra oil in cheek: choose lean meat, poultry, fish and dairy. Fish is a healthy choice. Try to eat 2 - 3 times every week. Eat baked broiled or grilled meat instead of fried.

About drinks: Avoid carbonated and sugary beverages. Tea or coffee can be taken but in moderate level. Prefer green tea than conventional tea and decaffeinated coffee without milk cream.

Watch the little things: When planing nutrition for adult, use herbs and spices to flavor foods. Limit alcoholic beverages to one (woman) or two (man) per day. End your meal with the refreshing taste of fresh fruit and save the indulgent choices for a special occasion.

Meal plan –
Planning a healthy meal plan is very important to live a happy and healthy life. We can give you some idea about nutrition for adult.

Breakfast: Start each day with a cereal with whole grain and low fat milk. Top with fresh fruit. You will get healthy benefit of soluble fiber from whole grain oats, pulse a splash of colour and sweetness from fruit to give you breakfast a natural boost.
Or, whole meal bread with a low fat spread and a glass of skimmed milk.
Or, a bowl of mixed cereals, a glass of low fat milk and honey, a glass of pulpy fruit juice.

Lunch: Try a sandwich made with lean meat, such as chicken or turkey or whole grain or bread. Add some crunch with fresh vegetable toppings such as tomatoes, spinach, sprouts, cucumber, bell peppers or onions or make a trip to the salad bar.
Or, 2 to 3 slices of bread of toast with a bowl of baked beans, a mixture of fresh fruits like apple, kiwi, oranges and grapes.
Or, wheat pancakes, fresh vegetables preparation, Salads of carrot, cucumber and tomato.

Dinner: Replace some of the meat with additional beans of peas, eat bread made of whole grain. Avoid oily and greasy food. Drink some fresh and preservative free juice.
Fried and flavored chicken with variety of vegetables.
Rice with vegetable preparation, pulse preparation and salads.
Wheat pancakes with pulse preparation and sprouts.
A part from these a light snack is between the three meals is essential. A fruit or natural juice, digestive biscuits and salad with dressing are helpful.

This plan (Nutrition for adult ) is adjustable. You can adjust this plan according to your physical need. Be healthy slim and happy.

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