Sunday, March 11, 2012

Exercises for teenagers

Exercises for teenagers are more important then ever. Teens should get sixty minutes of moderate exercise each day. Moderate exercise can be brisk walk, aerobics, hiking, bike riding, swimming on other similar model of exercise. Exercise helps use oxygen. It helps your body to burn stored fat and help you maintain a normal weight. For example, if you walk four minutes a day, four times a week you can burn about 1600 calories or nearly half a pound a week. If you don’t change your diet at all and keep walking the same distance over six months, you will lose 12 pounds. Walk the same distance for a year and you will drop 24 pounds.

The great thing about exercises for teenagers is, you don’t have to do it at one time. After all not many teens have time to walk for miles because of their study and other related activity. But they wish they can make small time for exercise. We are giving some tips on exercise so that they can do some exercise in their limited period of time.
  • Climb stairs instead of using lifts or escalators.
  • At lunch time, go for a walk with a friend instead of sitting down talking. You can talk walk and eat something while you walk.
  • Have a game of soccer, cricket or basket ball during your lunch break.
  • Go dancing with friends.
  • Take the dog for a long walk.
  • Look around your neighborhood and find some space where you and your friends can play some games like cycling, foot ball, basket ball or any other game you like
  • Make use of whatever in around you to do physical activity into everyday life. You don’t need expensive equipment to help you exercise.
  • Running doesn’t cost anything. So lease up your shoes and run.
  • Swimming at the local pond or in a swimming pool is a very good idea of exercise. Don’t swim alone.
  • Back yard gardening or community gardening is a very good idea.
  • You can go hiking with your parents or friends sometime.
By exercising acerbically your heart becomes more efficient at pumping blood and oxygen which will reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes when you get really old.So you see exercises for teenagers do not take so much time. It's easy and simple.

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